A lot of folks think of Toronto landscaping contractors as those guys you call when you need to plant a tree or reshape the backyard to accommodate a pool. When it comes to regular maintenance however a lot of homeowners will pull the lawnmower or trimmer out of the garage and have at it themselves. While there’s nothing wrong with mowing your own lawn there are distinct advantages to delegating that job to a landscaping contractor. In this post we’ll touch on a few of those advantages.

Why it Makes Sense to Hire a Landscaping Contractor for Yard Maintenance

Hiring a landscaping contractor to handle routine maintenance on your property makes sense for a variety of reasons, especially if you hire the same contractor that designed your landscaping scheme to begin with. Here’s why…


If you bring back the contractor that designed and produced the landscaping on your Toronto property they’ll know every nook and cranny of the design, every plant and shrub and know how the different hardscape elements were constructed. They’ll also have plenty of incentive to keep everything looking first-class since their name is on the design.


A landscaping contractor has everything they need with them to handle every aspect of maintenance on your property. They won’t come up short or have to improvise and they won’t waste one minute wondering what to do next. They’ll arrive, put things in order quickly and be on their way so that you can get back to enjoying your yard to the fullest.


While you’re off picking up the kids from soccer practice the landscapers show up and do their magic. When you come back with the kids your house is in tip-top shape and you can get on with preparing for the big party in the outdoor kitchen knowing everything will look its best.


Landscape maintenance is more than mowing the lawn. It’s recognizing when parts of the lawn need a little extra TLC to prevent them from becoming trouble spots. It’s knowing the best time to prune a particular bush or tree. It’s knowing how to prevent deer and other backyard visitors from becoming chronic pests. And it’s knowing how to repair elements of the landscape design that may have been damaged by a storm.


Time is money and if you’re like most people today you don’t have lots of time to devote to learning about the proper care of the ruta graveolens. You need that time to tend to business matters. Time you spend researching the proper care of plants and how to repair a mortarless retaining wall is time you’re not making money. Plus, if that ruta graveolens winds up dying because you overwatered it, how much did you really save?


You can often tell when someone is away for awhile because the grass and hedges grow out and the landscaping in general falls into disrepair. Burglars cruising a neighborhood looking for easy marks take note of things like that. If you don’t want to telegraph that you’re away, having the landscaper in every week or two will maintain the appearance that the home is occupied.

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