Have you been thinking about a new driveway and you’re left uninspired by the traditional asphalt? Interlock has become an increasingly popular choice for homeowners because it gives you options other materials don’t and it’s a great way to enhance the outside appearance of your property.

When you want to create a beautiful new driveway to add curb appeal to your home, choosing the right material to build is essential to the final outcome. With a variety of options to choose from – concrete, asphalt, brick – it isn’t always an easy decision. When you’re looking at a new driveway, choosing to go with interlock is always a great choice.


When it comes to aesthetics, no material can compare to interlock. There’s something unique about each pattern. Interlock pavers come in a wide range of colours, finishes and sizes that your driveway has the ability to be completely one-of-a-kind. It’s this kind of variety that enables it to set itself apart from other materials. There aren’t any design options with asphalt. It’s your basic option.


We are well aware that our winters are long and hard on nearly everything, including driveways, but there’s good news. Interlock is one of the best materials to stand up to harsh winters. Problems with asphalt are picked up in the spring after the ground has expanded and contracted in the cold, harsh weather. This causes cracking in the asphalt which calls for patching if not full paving. But because interlock is made up of individual stones, the ground is able to shift and heave under the interlock freely, without causing damage. Long term, interlock requires very little upkeep to maintain it’s attractiveness.


Asphalt is known to be one of the most affordable and durable paving options available. The deep black color offers an attractive look and a bit of sophistication.

Interlock is by no means cost-effective to install, and asphalt requires far less labor and materials, but it is the most inexpensive long term. Interlock lasts the longest and it requires less maintenance and will never need to be replaced. Something that can’t be said about asphalt.


Asphalt is a plain, smooth and black layer. It looks plain and unremarkable when you install it and it can very well fade and crack over time, especially in Canadian winters. There isn’t much variety and, generally speaking, asphalt is asphalt. Interlock however, can consist of concrete, brick or natural stone. It comes in a variety of sizes, colours, patterns and textures to choose from. Interlock also have the ability to retain their attractiveness with very little maintenance.


When properly installed and maintained, an interlock paver driveway can last for 20-30 years. Most of the materials used in interlock are extremely durable and weather resistant. There’s a reduced risk for cracking as a result of cold weather, and if it does damage one of the pavers it’s an easy fix.

Asphalt will need to be seal coated within the year of initial installation and then again every other year. When moisture penetrates the asphalt, it creates weak spots that can lead to problems long term.

Interlock pavers are a very popular choice for driveways. The pavers are manufactured to high standards, creating a strong product that can actually create a stronger driveway than poured concrete. Pavers are available in a variety of shapes, styles, patterns and colors, giving the homeowner a plethora of choices to create a unique driveway that adds appeal to their house and landscape. Pavers used for driveways are usually interlocking, which provides faster installation and one that strengthens the surface. Another benefit of interlock pavers is that individual pavers can be removed and replaced one by one, if necessary.

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